Floor Plan

About Floor Plan:

Floor Plan is designed by Marek Tupy and published by Deep Water Games. You're architects designing your clients' dream homes in this 1-100 player roll and write. Can you design the floor plan that perfectly fits all of the clients' demands?

Each round, players roll two dice, then use those either to draw a new room in their floor plan, or to add additional design features. In every game, 3 unique clients will set the demands for how the home is to be designed.

Project Overview:

Development on Floor Plan focused on gameplay streamlining and content development. A key consideration was matching the game's complexity to its target audience. Floor Plan went through several development iterations before Brieger Creative stepped onto the project. The most recent iteration of the game had been trending toward scalable goals based on general design principals, e.g. "At the end of the game, gain 1 point for each window looking at a tree."

At Deep Water's request, we restructured the game back toward a previous version where each client had a specific, actionable request for the home. Early drafts of the game skewed much heavier. We suggested a move to horizontal format jumbo cards with two objectives per client — each with a large diagram and an objective name to aid player memory.

Brieger Creative also introduced the "layout bonus", a scalable bonus that changed each game. Many of these were opportunities for us to highlight accessbility in home design, including wheelchair access and motor scooter maneuverability. Deep Water as a publisher is dedicated on their efforts toward inclusion and representation, so as developers, we were enthused about being able to deepen those efforts by tying them into game mechanisms.

"John took over our Floor Plan development that we had spent over a year on and within months turned it into the best version of the game it could be. He did an outstanding job with testing, documenting data, and coming up with new content. Brieger Creative sets the bar incredibly high for game developers." — Nolan Nasser, COO, Deep Water Games

Services Provided:

Case Study: Promo Content Design

Alongside the 15 clients in the core box, I created six promotional clients of reviewers and boardgame media. Each of these clients features a different media personality from Shut Up and Sit Down, Man vs Meeple, or The Dice Tower.

The featured creators were asked "What would be your dream home?", and we picked out elements to do design scoring objectives that matched their requests. These are truly personalized promos — with jokes referenced their channels, puns on their names, and designs inspired by their preferences.

Praise for Floor Plan

"This idea... I think is so fabulous for this format — it feels creative, it feels fresh." — Suzanne Sheldon, The Dice Tower

"I love the characters and their various needs for their houses. I'm especially excited about the game's concern for things like ramp access and mobility throughout the house." — Eric Yurko, What's Eric Playing