Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game


Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game brings the beloved video game franchise to your tabletop!

In this cooperative game designed by Emerson Matsuuchi and illustrated by Marco Checchetto, you'll experience stealthy gameplay and intricate storylines.

Play as Metal Gear characters Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Gray Fox, and Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, working together to complete missions and defeat iconic bosses.

Project Overview:

Brieger Creative was hired by former publisher IDW for development with a focus on ensuring the vision of designer Emerson Matsuuchi was captured across the mission content of the game. Careful attention was paid to ensure the game represented details and emotional tones of the Metal Gear franchise.

We worked closely with the designer and project management to refine gameplay and add new features, like an additional codec system that interacted back to mission plotlines. Our team refined mission content, item cards, and character abilities, and bounced concepts for boss mechanics back and forth with Emerson to create the best, most immersive Metal Gear Solid board game we could imagine.

In 2021, IDW stopped producing board games, and our work was halted before we wrapped development. Fortunately, the incredible team at CMON continued the development work to bring Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game to life. The game has gone through another development pass from their veteran team, including developers Chris Hamm and Jordy Adan.

"I was very impressed working with Brieger Creative on the Metal Gear Solid project. They were very meticulous with their process and testing cycles that really accelerated the iterative development workflow. It was an absolute pleasure to work with a development team that has the same drive and attention for minute details as I do." — Emerson Matsuuchi, Designer

We're extremely excited to see CMON's team carrying this project forward. For more information, see their pre-order page.

Publisher: CMON
Client: IDW

Services Provided:

Brieger Creative Team